Convention Handouts

Concurrent A Sessions

A1 – Hazard Vulnerability Assessments – Handouts

A2 – Strengthening Civility to Promote Inclusivity – Handouts

A3 – Performance Management & Conflict Resolution Through Coaching – Handouts – Additional Materials

A4 – DPHHS Certification Bureau: Home Health and Hospice Update – Handouts – Additional Materials

A5 – Current and Future State of the Healthcare Workforce in Montana – Handouts

A6 – Antibiotic Stewardship Workgroup – Handouts

A7- Behavioral Health Problems in the ED: Legal Requirements & Risk Management Solutions – Handouts – Additional Materials

Concurrent B Sessions

B1 – Emergency Planning, Training and Exercises – Handouts

B2 – Analyzing Long Term Care Compliance Programs Under the New ROPs – Handouts

B3 – Suicide Care Coordination: VA Suicide Prevention and our Community Partners – Handouts

B4 – Home Health Roundtable – No Handouts

B5 – ACHE: Cultural and Language Challenges of Diverse Patient Populations – No Handouts

B6 – Montana Primary Care Office: SLRP, NHSC, HPSAs and J-1 Overview – Handouts

B7 – Integrated Behavioral Health: Montana Healthcare Foundation’s IBH Initiatives – Handouts

Concurrent C Sessions

C1 – 2017 Hospice Regulatory Update – Handouts

C2 – DPHHS Certification Bureau Update for LTC/LSC – Handouts

C3 – Engaging Patients at Every Level – Part 1 – Handouts

C4 – Migrating Your Physician Group to the Value-based Model – Handouts

C5- ACHE: Ethical Challenges in Healthcare Leadership – No Handouts

C6 – Motivational Interviewing for the Hospital Chaplain: Engaging Patients in Conversations – No Handouts – Additional Materials

C7 – Life FUEL: Your Personal Accountability Quotient – Handouts

C8 – Facility Governance and Compliance: Current Issues and Strategies – Handouts

C9 – Cyber Crime – No Handouts

C10 – Rural Montana Telemedicine: From Emergency to Outpatient – No Handouts

General Session

X9 – General Session – Handouts

Concurrent D Sessions

D1 – 2017 Home Care Regulatory Update – Handouts

D2 – Find Your Purpose with the Phase 2 Regulations! – Handouts

D3 – Engaging Patients at Every Level – Part 2 – Handouts

D4 – Assessment of Philanthropy in Health Care – Handouts

D5 – ACHE: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Delivery – No Handouts

D6 – Grieving Styles and Trauma-Complicated Grief – Handouts

D7 – Positive Approach to Dementia Care – Part 1 – Handouts

D8 – MACRA: Here to Stay and What You Need to Know – Handouts

D9 – Time to Get Serious: Compliance is Not an Option – Handouts

D10 – State of Telemedicine in Montana – Handouts

D11 – Evolving Models of Care: Eight Questions to Ask Before Diving Into Telemedicine – Handouts

Concurrent E Sessions

E1 –  Home Health Conditions of Participation-Are you Ready? Part 1 – Handouts

E2 – Develop Your Facility- Wide Resource Assessment for Phase 2! – Handouts

E3 – Workplace Violence Prevention – Handouts – Additional Materials

E4 – Hospital Affiliations and All of the Options in Between – Handouts

E5 – Hospice Roundtable – No Handouts

E6 – The Opioid Crisis: Emerging Risks and Challenges – HandoutsAdditional Materials

E7 – Positive Approach to Dementia Care: Part 2 – Handouts

E8 – The CEO/Board Relationship: Dealing with Adversity – Available After Convention

E9 – Helping to Ensure Your Information Risk Management Program Meets OCR HIPAA Expectations – Handouts

E10 – Telemedicine Services for Mental Health – No Handouts

Plenary Session

X15 – Plenary Session – Handouts

Concurrent F Sessions

F1 – Home Health Conditions of Participation-Are you Ready? Part 2 – Handouts

F2 – Billing for Supplies –Navigating Health Plan Audits and Managing Revenue – Handouts

F3 – HealthCARE Montana: Leading the Country in Developing Healthcare Apprenticeships – Handouts

F4 – 2017 Montana State Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan Priorities – Handouts – Additional Materials

F5 – Operationalizing Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC): How to implement and be successful in your organization – Handouts

F6 – Spiritual Care Roundtable – No Handouts

F7- Music Breaches the Silence – Handouts

F8 – Leveraging Social Media for Provider Recruiting – Handouts