The 2020 MHA Virtual Health Summit

Session handouts and recordings will be updated on this site as they become available.

A Sessions – Monday, April 27

A1 – Innovative Strategies in Physician Recruitment & Retention 

Session Handout: A1-Innovative Strategies in Physician Recruitment Retention MHA.04012020

Session recording


A2 – Certification Bureau Update on CAH CMS Regulations 

Session Handout 1: A2-Certification Bureau Update on CAH CMS Regulations

Session Handout 2: A2-Summary-covid-19-emergency-declaration-waivers

Session Handout 3: A2-C-tag-crosswalk

Session recording


A3 – Measuring Outcomes for CAH Swing Bed Patients 

Session Handout: A3-Measuring Outcomes for CAH Swing Bed Patients_ v 2

Session recording


A4 – The Science & Art of Becoming a Change Agent

Session Handout: A4-Becoming a Change Agent Version 4.6.20

Session recording


A5 – Maximizing the Effectiveness, Structure, and Policy Approach to QI Activities 

Session Handout: A5-Maximizing the Effectiveness, Structure and Policy Approach to QI Activities

Session recording

B Sessions – Tuesday, April 28

B1 – Immigration Options for Employing Foreign Physicians 

Session Handout: B1-Immigration Options for Employing Foreign Physicians (2020) – 4810-8401-1446 v1

Session recording


B2 – Strategic Cybersecurity and Risk Issues for Hospitals

Session Handouts unavailable

Session recording


B3 – Engaging Patient and Family Advisors to Achieve Your Goals 

Session Handout: B3-Engaging Patient and Family Advisors to Achieve Your Goals

Session recording


B4 – What Do We Mean by “Social Determinants of Health?”

Session Handout: B4-SDoH Presentation_MHA 2020

Session recording


B5 – Transforming Healthcare in Rural Montana with Interdisciplinary Teams

Session Handout 1: B5-MASTER – Transforming Healthcare in Rural Montana with Interdisciplinary Teams

Session Handout 2: B5-Transforming Healthcare…Depression Screening and Suicide Risk Resources

Session recording

C Sessions – Thursday, April 29

C1 – Using Data to Drive Action

Session Handout: C1-Using Data to Drive Action_MT Health Summit_2020-04-02

Session recording


C2 – CMS Survey Readiness 

Session Handout: C2-CMS Survey Readiness

Session recording


C3 – Embedding Quality Improvement Into Organizational Culture 

Session Handout 1: C3-Embedding QI in Culture_MT Health Summit_2020-04-02

Session Handout 2: C3-QI Self Assessment Handout_MT Health Summit_2020-04-02

Session recording


C4 – Resiliency for Superheroes

Session Handout: C4-Resiliency for the Superhero

Session recording


C5 – Building a Resilient Workforce

Session Handout: C5-Building a Resilient Workforce

Session recording

D Sessions – Thursday, April 30

D1 – Post Pandemic Provider Realignment

Session Handout: D1 – Post Pandemic Provider Re-Alignment_Brian Fuller

Session recording


D2 – Covid-19 Compliance: Today and Tomorrow

Session Handout: D2-COVID19 Comp TodayTomorrow IWP 04222020 to MHA

Session recording


D3 – Cyber Risks in a COVID-19 World 

Session Handout 1: D3-Cyber Risks in a COVID-19 World

Session Handout 2: D3-John Riggi – cybersecurity-work-from-home-covid-19 (1)

Session recording


D4 – COVID-19 Employment Law Considerations

Session Handout: D4-COVID 19 Employment Law Considerations

Session recording