Let’s Work Together to Unlock Clinical, Operational and Financial Excellence for Your Healthcare Organization.

At Intalere, we know all healthcare providers have unique challenges. We’re here to work with you to understand your unique challenges and to develop strategies and programs tailored to your individual needs.

Whether it’s connecting you with the right vendors and manufacturers for unprecedented cost savings, elevating your organization’s health with our portfolio of performance solutions or providing consulting and advisory solutions, we’ll deliver measurable results through answers designed specifically for your team.

About Intalere

We are a provider-led healthcare supply chain company that empowers healthcare organizations to elevate their clinical, operational and financial performance in today’s evolving world.

We are a group purchasing organization (GPO), connecting customers with the right manufacturers, distributors and vendors and negotiating discounts on their behalf to help them aggregate purchasing volume and realize unprecedented cost savings.

We help healthcare organizations optimize their overall health by listening to their unique challenges and working collaboratively with them to tailor our portfolio of performance solutions to their specific needs.

These solutions are complemented by our Advisory Specialists, who are here to support our customers’ specific service line operational goals. Additional consulting services are available to our members through our subsidiary, CSI Specialty Group. CSI utilizes a holistic, prescriptive path of programs, services, products and analytics to help you attain your goals and sustain—and enhance—future performance.

Our highly personalized approach to everything we do makes us uniquely equipped to deliver measurable results for acute and non-acute organizations of all shapes and sizes, from individual clinics and long-term care facilities to full-scale hospital networks.

Intalere Alliances

Intalere has fostered strategic regional and operational alliances across the United States to give members a chance to learn from peers in the healthcare industry and to share tips and tools that drive sustained success.

Intalere National Health Alliance (INHA) is the Alliance supporting our region. INHA provides an environment in which MHA members, regardless of their size, can drive additional savings through the aggregation of their purchasing volume and share best practices. Many suppliers offer enhanced tier levels for all INHA members regardless of size or class of trade.

Contact us to learn more about how Intalere can help elevate the health of your organization.

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