MHA Recognizes Healthcare Workers this Labor Day

This weekend most of the country will be celebrating the Labor Day holiday with backyard picnics and college football. The recognition of America’s workers is rooted in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution when Americans worked 12-hour days, seven days a week. Children in most states also worked in factories and other industrial workplaces. An actual holiday recognizing the contributions of our nation’s workforce was not established by Congress until June 28, 1884. President Grover Cleveland signing the bill following the famous Pullman strike, which crippled railroads across the country.

Over time, the Labor Day holiday has become an annual recognition of the work performed by all in our economy. In healthcare, unlike most fields of work, our organizations remain open 24/7, delivering lifesaving care to all in need. Our workforce is essential to the care we deliver and it’s not limited to clinical team members: it includes environmental services, food and nutrition, clinical engineering, security, finance and countless others.

MHA has made workforce a strategic priority for the membership and has engaged healthcare leaders in efforts to recruit, reward, recognize, reimagine, and recreate with our team members. Healthcare represents the most important sector in our state’s economy and our ability to deliver high-value care is directly tied to the performance of our workforce.

As we enjoy the weekend with our families, let us also remember our colleagues that are on-the-clock taking care of patients and ensuring essential healthcare services are available to all who may need them.


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