How We Work

To improve the quality of health care, we must take a comprehensive approach. Many factors are within our control, and can be optimized with increased coordination, better information, expanded capabilities and improved processes.

However, the delivery of health care is dependent on many factors, environments and inputs that are frequently outside of the control of health care providers, yet have a significant impact on the outcome for our patients.

External factors—both upstream and downstream—have significant impacts on a health event. When a patient receives regular preventative care, a pre-cancerous growth can be treated early and effectively. But if that patient lives 10 miles from town and does not have transportation to their follow-up appointments, they may face related health issues in their recovery that go untreated.

As health care professionals, we keep the patient at the center of everything we do: the activities we undertake, the deliberations we have and the decisions we make.

As health care professionals, our roles and the tools we have to address quality improvement vary. We are committed to working together and harnessing a complementary set of programs and services to elevate health care for all Montanans.

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