Innovator Spotlight


Nominate your facility’s project or program, and help advance health care quality improvement for everyone. Projects are not limited to structured clinical improvement projects. Additional ideas may include:


  • Experiences from hosting REACH, MedStart, Heads Up Camps, etc.
  • Offering workforce development opportunities to staff (CNA Courses for staff, certification programs, Community Health Worker program, etc.)
  • Population Health Initiatives (Mental & Behavioral Health, Chronic Disease Management, Transportation Assistance Programs, etc.)
  • Hospital/Emergence Preparedness Training (full-scale exercises, Coalition Surge Tests, table top exercises, educational offerings, etc.)
  • Quality Improvement Projects through HIIN, Flex, QIO or other organization
  • Community Programs (gardens, health fairs, walking paths, immunization projects, etc.)


Projects that are selected will be featured quarterly on MHA’s Weekly News Report, on, and MHA’s social media channels. Each selected facility will receive a media kit to assist them in sharing their quality improvement efforts and achievements with internal leadership & staff, boards & trustees, local news outlets and community members.



Complete the online survey and upload your supporting documents here.