Montana Healthcare Quality Check


Utilizing Hospital Compare as the framework, the QI Council will provide meaningful data and reports for members to track and improve sustainable, high quality patient care and services to our Montana communities through our new Montana Healthcare Quality Check program.


Why Montana Healthcare Quality Check?


  • Builds on the national standard. Hospital Compare is currently the national standard for hospital performance measurement and reimbursement. Although it does not provide a “complete” picture of all of the work performed and measured in healthcare settings, it can be easily modified to fit facilities of all sizes and utilizes the data that is already collected to provide smaller hospitals the opportunity to participate in state-wide benchmarking and performance improvement.
  • No extra data reporting! Even with the omission of the measures that some facilities voluntarily report, there are enough metrics available for a hospital to compare themselves against the Hospital Compare star rating using data from the data sources already available (MHA, HIIN & Flex).
  • Recognizes a culture of quality improvement. By including measures of participation in quality improvement programs, hospitals are recognized for leadership in developing and advancing health care quality statewide. Examples include:
    • Workforce Development (examples:  REACH, Med Start or Heads Up Camps hosted, training offered for Mental Health First Aid or one of the other Mental and Behavioral Health options, or staff participation in one of the  professional certification programs offerings)
    • Meeting program requirements for Hospital/Emergency Preparedness Program (full-scale exercises, table top, Coalition Surge Tests, Coalition Participation, etc.)
    • Population Health Programs (Community Access to Mental Health First Aid Resources, Worksite Wellness Program, Cardiac Ready Communities, etc.)