Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG

yellowstoneYellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG is a member owned Professional & General Liability insurance Risk Retention Group, managed by member hospitals to serve their liability insurance and risk management needs. The group’s primary objective is to ensure the availability of liability insurance and to maintain premium stability over the long-term.

Yellowstone offers more than simply insurance. We take a proactive approach to the entire insurance process by reducing the likelihood of a claim before it occurs. Through our superior Risk Management services and in-house claims handling, we ensure Yellowstone has our memberships future at the forefront of our intentions.
By altering what has been thought of as a commodity based, lowest price wins perception industry, Yellowstone has integrated a way to turn Professional & General Liability insurance into a profitable investment for rural community hospitals.

As a result, any net income for the company is distributed back to the member facilities in the form of Subscriber Savings Allocations. To date, Yellowstone has paid out over $7.5 Million in Subscriber Savings Allocations and over $5.5 Million in returned Capital Contributions.


Yellowstone offers a full suite of insurance products specifically designed to fit any rural hospital in America.  Below is a complete listing of the offered products:

Claims Management

At Yellowstone, we understand the importance of protecting your community as well as your reputation. Clearly, some claims have no merit. And should a claim occur, the experienced claim staff carefully evaluates the circumstances, establishes ongoing communication with the member, and begins a comprehensive process designed to prevent the payment of claims without merit and to contain the cost of legitimate claims consistent with fair and ethical industry practices.

No one likes surprises. So unlike many insurance carriers, Yellowstone does not act without your knowledge. You will be involved in the claims process from start to finish, every step of the way.  We strongly believe in protecting our facilities and the communities they serve.

It’s our objective to:

  • Make you feel secure and confident throughout the claims process should a claim arise
  • Help protect your community and reputation to the best of our ability
  • Not settle a claim without your permission
  • Provide legal counsel if asked or work with legal counsel of your choice
  • Pay only claims with merit

Risk Management

The Yellowstone Risk Management team is dedicated to improving quality care and decreasing the likelihood of a claim. Risk management is a key element in reaching these goals. Our Risk Management specialists conduct periodic onsite visits to evaluate your health care organization and make recommendations to enhance your risk management program. In short, our Risk Management helps transform information into solutions and makes consulting, data management and training resources available at no additional cost to the membership.

Risk Management Services Include:

  • 2 to 6 onsite visits per year
  • Action Plans specifically designed for your facility
  • Complete access to our online training webinars and video library
  • Seminars and training workshops
  • “YES” our online incident tracking software to track and trend incidents
  • An online credentialing software to help streamline the credentialing process
  • Access to Yellowstone’s Risk Management Library
  • Provides educational programming, clinical assessments and professional mentoring/coaching. Able to serve as a managing consultant for comprehensive assessments, client mentoring, and comprehensive product delivery (e.g., RCA, FMEA)
  • Independently performs a variety of clinical assessments including, but not limited to: ED, Perinatal, LTC, Physician Office, Behavioral Health, Perioperative, Nursing, Infection Prevention, ICU, Radiology, Rehab, and Specialty Areas, performed in single and/or multi-day assessments
  • Serves as the Risk Management Consultant for all clients and insured members.  Ability to work collaboratively with the client to provide customized services and recommendations and offer support for future engagements.
  • Project support includes coordination of a team of experts, client scheduling and assessment logistics
  • Creates customized proposals that can be delivered within the allocated resources for the project
  • Able to manage diverse (e.g., health system, specialized, Children’s hospital) and large accounts with high-level customer service
  • Provides proactive, knowledgeable, consultative marketing of Yellowstone Risk Management products and services to insured clients, prospective insured clients and fee based clients. The consultant serves as a trusted advisor to support the client’s risk management and patient safety needs
  • Consults with insureds to review and analyze relevant risk exposure data offering unique and practical solutions appropriate to the setting and a customized risk service plan/proposal and consultation. Analyze and develop a customized risk management strategy
  • Exercises discretionary judgment and utilizes appropriate research/information when acting as a resource and providing direction/consultation/education to insureds and fee based clients. Able to serve as a resource to other consultants
  • Maintains technical and professional expertise in order to provide current, innovative, customer focused risk management and patient safety consultation/education. Able to speak at a regional/national level and develop risk management and patient safety materials at a professional publication level (e.g., newsletters, assessment tools)
  • Produces accurate, quality and professional consulting reports, tools and educational materials

Contact: Joe Schimenti, (866) 216-7433.

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