Behavioral Health

A major focus for MHA toward its vision to improve the health status of Montanans is improving and expanding programs, services and resources dedicated to behavioral health. MHA supports policies to better integrate and coordinate behavioral health services with physical health services.

  • Support legislation that will improve access to mental health/crisis services
  • Support legislation that will expand and enable development of suicide prevention programs
  • Support legislation that will meaningfully address the regulation of opioid use and those struggling with a substance use disorder
  • Support the Governor’s new investments in behavioral health funding
  • Support expanded use of telehealth for behavioral health

Population Health

MHA’s vision is to advance Montana to a Top 10 healthy state. There are a number of legislative actions that could enhance the progress being made in the state to become ‘healthier’; there will also be legislation introduced that will curtail any progress. MHA supports legislation that will improve the health and safety of the state’s population.

  • Support legislation to increase child/adolescent immunization
  • Support legislation for a primary offense seat belt law
  • Support legislation to preserve healthcare coverage
  • Support legislation to expand food programs
  • Support legislation to restrict or decrease access to youth tobacco
  • Support legislation that strengthens hospitals’ ability to manage chronic conditions

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