Policy & Advocacy

The Montana Hospital Association (MHA) is the principal advocate for the state’s health care providers and the communities they serve. MHA provides federal, state and local officials with the information they need to make informed decisions on rural health care matters, so that MHA members can continue to fulfill their mission of improving the health status of all Montanans.

The MHA Board of Trustees determines the association’s public policy agenda based on input from member representatives, including through MHA councils, committees and task forces. The agenda reflects MHA’s membership, which includes organizations that provide hospital, nursing facility, physician, home health, hospice and other health services.

MHA advocates for state and federal policies that ensure:

  • Access to health insurance coverage for all Montana residents,
  • Development of a health care workforce that serves the needs of patients,
  • Fair reimbursement rates for all providers, and
  • Regulatory policies that impose a minimal burden on providers while ensuring public safety.