careLearning offers self-paced courses and live webinars to help healthcare facilities meet their educational goals. Created by MHA and state hospital associations throughout the U.S., the member service provides distance learning on a variety of topics.


Training and Education for Healthcare Professionals

Regulatory Training

As a healthcare organization, you must maintain compliance with CMS and The Joint Commission.
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Continuing Education at Your Fingertips

careLearning is here to provide your staff with their continuing education around-the-clock.

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Customized Training

At careLearning, you can tailor course content to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Live Event Management

careLearning can help you in planning and tracking instructor-led training.


Learning Management System

Gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for the delivery and tracking of online courses and documentation of instructor-led training.


Clinical Student Orientation

The Passport Program was created to allow students participating in clinical rotation programs to become oriented quickly and effectively early in the semester.


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