Certified Nurse Aide Program

North Central Montana Area Health Education Center (AHEC) offers an online, didactic Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) curriculum that healthcare facilities/schools with established CNA programs can use as an alternative to in-person learning.

The online curriculum consists of 12 self-paced modules that take approximately 97 hours over 8 weeks to complete. Facilities/schools coordinate with North Central Montana AHEC to create student cohorts upon request. North Central Montana AHEC provides technical assistance to students and progress reports to the facility/school. The participating facility/school is responsible for completing the clinical skills training checklist and testing with students.

Facilities/schools must apply and be approved by the State of Montana to establish a CNA program and utilize the online, didactic curriculum. The cost per student participating in the online program is $350. If interested, contact North Central Montana AHEC.


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