Healthcare is one of the nation’s most highly-regulated industries. Hospitals and post-acute care providers must comply with more than 600 discrete regulatory requirements across nine domains.

Every day, health systems, hospital and post-acute providers—such as long-term-care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies—confront the daunting task of complying with a growing number of federal and state regulations.

As a result, compliance activities are becoming a greater part of a hospital’s operations and oversight. Effective compliance programs are key to strengthening the integrity of the overall healthcare system.

The Montana Hospital Association helps members to increase internal expertise, connects members’ staff to industry-leading compliance experts, and promotes better internal safeguards and processes to successfully comply with state and federal regulations. MHA in-house staff and partners also help members navigate the extraordinarily complex billing systems of Medicare, Medicaid and other governmental health programs.

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Areas of focus: Hospital finance, Medicaid
Duane Preshinger
Senior Vice President
Montana Hospital Association
Areas of focus: Clinical operations, workforce, senior and long-term care
Heather O’Hara
Vice President
Montana Hospital Association

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