“Pursuit of sustainable, high quality patient care and services in Montana communities through coordinated initiatives and a unified voice.”- MHA Quality Improvement Council Mission

In January of 2019, the MHA Quality Improvement Council (QIC) was formed. Comprised of team members from various health care facilities and staff from MHA, MHREF, and MHA Ventures, the QIC represents a dedicated effort to continue the development and focus of quality leveraging all available MHA resources. The following objectives were identified:

  • Formalize the Quality Improvement Council and begin meeting regularly
  • Reduce redundancies and optimize efficiencies
  • Ensure/engrain quality improvement as a part of the work we do and the conversations we have
  • Bridge the gap in communications, understanding and promotion of quality activities/programs to the MHREF/MHA boards, MHA staff, MHA membership and communities (change and improve communications)
  • Monitor health care trends on the national, regional, state and local levels for any potential areas to align and improve quality
  • Develop data and reporting strategies to better coordinate, collaborate and align data with quality work and initiatives, and to help us define initiatives and show our progress


Quality Improvement Council Members

  • Julie Armstrong, Great Falls Clinic Hospital
  • Sean Becker, MHA Ventures
  • Belinda Begger, MHA
  • Casey Brewington, MHREF
  • Victoria Cech, MHREF
  • Casey Driscoll, MHREF
  • Julia Drishinski, Pondera Medical Center
  • Brayden Fine, MHREF
  • Michael Hoffman, Northern Rockies Medical Center
  • Melissa Hubbard, Billings Area Indian Health Services
  • Jack King, MHREF
  • Claire Lone Bear, Billings Area Indian Health Services
  • Cindee McKee, MHREF
  • Heather O’Hara, MHA
  • Cathy Pfaff, Deer Lodge Medical Center/Cypress Healthcare, LLC
  • Shani Rich, MHREF
  • Natascha Robinson, MHREF
  • Jamie Schultz, MHREF
  • Ryan Tooke, Dahl Memorial Healthcare Association
  • Ward VanWichen, Phillips County Hospital
  • Jennifer Wagner, MHREF
  • Jason Wood, MHA
  • Roberta Yager, MHA