Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C. focuses its practice on health law and is recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent health law firms. With more than 50 years of experience in the health law business, Hall Render is the largest healthcare-focused law firm in the country. Clients include large and small business entities from a wide variety of industries, nonprofit organizations, private individuals and major healthcare providers.

Because the scope of a client’s needs often extend simultaneously into many areas of law, our attorneys work as teams to share their diverse knowledge and experience, providing our clients with comprehensive, efficient and proactive legal advice and business consultation.

While we continue to adapt our services and structure to accommodate current trends and changes within the healthcare industry, our firm has never wavered from the tradition of excellence on which it was founded. Client service is the cornerstone of Hall Render, and with more than 150 attorneys throughout the country singularly focused on serving the healthcare industry, there isn’t a healthcare issue we haven’t solved.

As the nation’s largest law firm focused exclusively on matters specific to the healthcare industry, Hall Render’s knowledge and experience set us apart.


Our attorneys routinely help clients in the healthcare industry with business transactions, healthcare reform, regulatory issues, joint ventures, ethical and religious directives, health information systems, compliance, accountable care organizations, licensing, tax, antitrust, managed care, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, medical staff relations, tax-exempt financing, patient care, HIPAA, real estate and construction and labor and employment issues.


Hall Render attorneys are dedicated to staying abreast of emerging trends and judicial decisions in the healthcare industry. Check out their articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts and presentations.


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