Join the movement to gather data that will help hospitals better address commercial payer issues

Hospitals are fighting daily to get the reimbursements they are due and lack the critical data they need to navigate these pressures. In response, the Montana Hospital Association has partnered with the American Hospital Association to bring the AHA Vitality Index™ to the hospital field.

Data is critical to make the case that there is a problem. Data will allow the hospital field to better monitor health plan performance, elevate issues to regulatory agencies, or pursue state and federal legislative solutions. Historically, pulling and analyzing this type of data has been a manual and time-intensive process—with little external data to benchmark or see patterns in certain activities.

Now there is a new solution: the AHA Vitality Index™.

Developed by the American Hospital Association and Hyve Health, the AHA Vitality Index™ arms the hospital field with the data it needs to hold commercial health plans accountable for burdensome practices.


Hold health plans accountable. Make better decisions.

The AHA Vitality Index™ is an operational metrics dashboard designed to measure revenue flow and yield key insights into how your organization’s denial and payment rates compare to your peers.

The goal of the AHA Vitality Index™ is to collect every claim and every remit from every hospital and create a trusted repository where hospitals anonymously share their data to gain greater transparency on health plan behaviors while also enabling individual hospitals to benchmark their financial and operational performance on key metrics.


Leverage aggregated claims data to empower hospitals.

Hospitals need to shift the conversation from anecdotal references to empirical evidence. Without aggregated data from across the industry, this shift is impossible. The solution is the creation of a national, de-identified, normalized database of hospital claims and remittances.

Hospitals can now securely and anonymously compare their performance against their peers, but more importantly, compare their experience with the payers across the country.

The more hospitals sign up, the more data we will have, and the more powerful this platform will become.


Montana charter participants will receive discounted pricing!

Subscribing is FREE through January 31, 2023. Try it at no risk. If your hospital subscribes by January 31, 2023, you will also receive 50% off your first annual subscription!


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To schedule a demo or discuss next steps, contact Mark Brand, Licensing Account Manager for the AHA Center for Health Innovation.

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