Healthcare Consulting

Virginia Mason’s NetworxHealth is a healthcare consulting group bringing experience and expertise to rural healthcare organizations. As a Virginia Mason Medical Center company, we are focused on providing quality outcomes for our clients. Seasoned leaders in a variety of fields help hospitals and medical centers improve operations, employ best practices and empower teams to keep pace with competitive modern healthcare. Better decision-making, enhanced knowledge and more efficient systems are all hallmarks of our services.

Our Services

C-Suite Staffing

Interim or permanent management for critical C-level leadership positions or to facilitate hiring the right, qualified candidate for your organization.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Simple, structured process improvement and lean management applications to reduce costs and maintain optimal systems, including Physician Supply Chain Advocates, who provide experienced physician-to-physician advocacy for improved supply chain decisions, compliance, analysis and more.

Pharmacy Services

Solutions for non-labor pharmacy practices, such as prescribing, transcription, dispensing, administration and monitoring. Experience in all functions of hospital pharmacy including the 340b program.

Regulatory Compliance

Providing successful corporate compliance program development and support for healthcare facilities based on practical and proven models.


Supporting financial systems of hospitals with right-sized, facility driven solutions to make hospitals sustainable.

Laboratory and Imaging

Laboratorians with extensive management experience to help facilities improve lab testing capabilities, supply purchasing, test utilization and reimbursement


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